Brazilian companies to participate in the upcoming Brasil Trade Mission to Africa 2014

Brazilian companies to participate in the upcoming Brasil Trade Mission to Africa 2014

Following CBN’s recent article on the ‘Brasil Trade Mission to Africa 2014’ that will be hosted in Cape Town in April, here are some of the Brazilian companies that will be participating:


Cosmetics: Nail polishes (creamy, shimmering, pearly, transparent and treatment); Personal Care: Scissors, tweezers, nail files, nail cutters, razors, nail pliers, and hotel amenities (soap and shampoo)

Other: Quick test examination and laboratory devices, and hospital supplies (gloves, gauze, bandages, cotton, disposable syringes, tape, waterproof plaster, and micro-poroustape)


Building and Construction: MDF raw, MDF laminated, hardboard, wooden doors, timber, steel stoned gravelled colour roofing tiles, stone coloured roofing tiles (acoustic and thermal control), polystyrene edge band, as well as flush, semi-solid, solid and massive wooden doors; furniture

Other: Agricultural and industrial projects

Brazilian Forest

Food and Beverages: Fruit powdered extract, natural seasoning, teas, jams, fruit bars and biscuits, honey, propolis, pollen, natural supplements in capsules (Acai, Guarana, Acerola), coconut oil, and chocolate truffles

Other: Ecological fashion t-shirts and men's jeans


Cleaning / Hygiene: Industrial, institutional and personal cleaning products and chemicals including soap in other forms, organic surface-active agents, surface-active preparations, washing and cleaning preparations, disinfectants, alcohol hand sanitizer, other sanitary ware, paper tablecloths and serviettes, toilet paper and table napkin dispensers, nonwoven cloths, baby and geriatric diapers, and wet towels

Other: Industrial and automotive hoses for trucks; automotive parts; milk and yoghurt packing machinery; agricultural tools such as rakes, shovels, axes, etc


Building and Construction: Residential and industrial flooring; doors, locks, and bathroom accessories

Cleaning / Cosmetics: Liquid soap, as well as hand, anti-wrinkle and other creams

Food and Beverages: Roasted coffee, citrus fruit juice, rice (cargo or brown) husked, beans, butter, cereal bars, granola, crackers, wafers, waffles, gum, candy and chocolate


Building and Construction: Toiletries, hardware, furniture, sanitary and metal fittings for home, hospital and hotel

Cosmetics: Hair shampoo, conditioner and cream; nail polish

Food and Beverages: Organic coffee, juice, tuna, pet food, other

Other: Clothing, shoes, kids accessories and toys; plastic products including chairs, tables, baskets, bowls, etc

GCM Trade

Building and Construction: Randa doors and plywood; Plena accessories for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry and outside areas

Food and Beverages: Nitro food (energy cereal bar), sweeteners (100% Stevia), rice flour; ProLife complete meal (simple preparation and high nutrition, meeting daily human protein-energy needs), gasparin cereals

Global Enterprises

Building and Construction: Ceramic tiles and ceramic decorative pieces, sanitary ware, wax ring for sanitary ware, metal faucets, fences


Building and Construction: Ceramic tiles, PVC tiles and eco-tiles; PVC ceiling panels; furniture

Food and Beverages: Meat and edible offal, cereals, coffee, tea and specialties, sugar and confectionery products, beverages, as well as canned food and products

MX Trading

Building and Construction: Cement

Other: Oil and cashew nut industrial equipment

SBS Trade & Consulting

Cosmetics: Bio-jewellery and perfume

Food and Beverages: Sugar, sweets, biscuits, cereals, powdered and concentrated juices, Cachaça and liqueurs

Start Trading

Building and Construction: Modular warehouses (metallic structure), mezzanines, stairs, enclosures, special projects, and industrial flooring

Food and Beverages: Artisanal gourmet and premium Cachaça (typical Brazilian Caipirinha), roasted gourmet and premium coffee, breakfast cereals, sweets and candies, chocolates, natural juices, Açaí powder, guarana syrup, rice, brazil nuts, cake mixture, and refined sugar

Other: Disposable plastic containers for cold foods, PET fibre, and skirts of bamboo

UAI! Trading

Food and Beverages: Biscuits, crackers, sandwich cookies, juices and nectars, frozen bakery goods, frozen pizzas and lasagnes, sugar, rice, beans, and beverages

World Trotter

Food and Beverages: Vegetarian meals, granola bars, and sauces in various flavours

Cosmetics: Shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatments, therapeutic solutions and other drugstore products

General Products:

Automotive spare parts: Mainly diesel engine parts, transmission, suspension, steering and brake system for trucks/buses

Agricultural spare parts: Tractors and harvesters

Diesel engine spare parts: For vehicle applications to generator sets; exporters for MWM-International engine and spare parts

The ‘Brasil Trade Mission to Africa 2014’ will take place in Cape Town on April 7th, for African delegates; and April 8th, for South African delegates. It provides the opportunity for Brazilian suppliers and trading companies to meet one-on-one with South African and other African agents, distributors, importers and re-exporters, retailers, wholesalers, etc.

South African and African buyers, importers, agents, wholesalers and retailers who wish to participate in the B2B meetings, may contact Lindi at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an accreditation form. Based on the profile information collected from this form, buyers will be matched to (and have their meetings scheduled with) the exporters best able to fulfil their needs. Participation in the B2B meetings is free to accredited companies.

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