WISP assists companies to gain value to under-utilised resources

WISP assists companies to gain value to under-utilised resources

Green Cape is running a free facilitation service called WISP (Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme) which assists companies to gain value to under-utilised resources. The programme is funded by the Western Cape Government and uses an industrial symbiosis approach to improve business profitability and sustainability.

We will be running free networking workshops on the 22nd of October 2014 (venues TBC.) These workshops will allow you to meet other businesses and explore opportunities to be more resource-efficient and cost-effective. If you're interested please contact the WISP team so that we can book your spot in the workshops and add you to our membership base.

What is Industrial Symbiosis?

Industrial symbiosis is a resource efficiency approach where unused or residual resources (materials, energy, water, assets, logistics, risk and expertise) of one company is used by another. This results in mutual economic, social and environmental benefits.

How does WISP work?

We are working to help businesses to explore new opportunities, implement innovative technologies, and unlock the potential of under-utilised resource (such as surplus material, wood, packaging, plastic, cardboard, food waste, factory by-products, underutilized assets, spare capacity, logistics, etc.) WISP enables synergies to happen by filling the gaps that its members, especially SMEs, could experience due to the lack of time or dedicated expertise needed to identify and implement resource, waste and energy efficient practices. All information captured is strictly confidential.

We will be running FREE innovation workshops this year, allowing members to meet and discuss their resources with delegates from other companies, industries, research and development agencies, local universities and recycling companies. The WISP team will facilitate an interactive session at these workshops, identify potential synergies and personally assist companies with the process of realising these opportunities. Through WISP, companies can achieve substantial cost savings, generate sales from new markets and contribute towards creating a sustainable economy.

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