World Summit Nobel Peace Laureates - De Lille's speech

Patricia De Lille. Patricia De Lille.

The City of Cape Town’s Executive Mayor, Patricia De Lille, presented a speech at the World Summit Nobel Peace Laureates on Friday 18 July, 2014.

“Today we remember the birthday of Tata Madiba and thank him for giving us our freedom,” De Lille started off by saying.

“It is with humility and great joy that we share our news of having been selected by the World Summit’s Secretariat to host the 14th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates from 13 – 15 October 2014 here in Cape Town.

“We are also grateful to be joined today by former President FW de Klerk and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, who are the hosting laureates of this year’s event. We look forward to bearing witness to them doing our country proud.

Nelson Mandela made his first address as a free man on 11 February 1990. More than 50 000 people stood on the parade just across from us, waiting for hours for him to arrive.

We knew that the South African nation had waited decades for that moment. It was the moment that solidified our hope and belief in peace prevailing all across our beautiful country. The father of our nation began his address on that balcony by saying ‘I greet you in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all’.

In his first few moments of freedom, Mandela sent special greetings to the people of Cape Town as his home for three decades and source of his strength during his imprisonment. We all know and acknowledge that it was his belief in peace, and his spirit of reconciliation, that set the primary example for us and helped us realise our collective dream for democracy a few years thereafter.

The City was nominated by the Secretariat of the World Summit in celebration of the 20th anniversary since South Africa’s peaceful transition into democracy.We often forget that, to the rest of the world, peaceful transition is seen as a miracle and that it remains a great source of inspiration to other nations. I am very pleased to announce that the theme of this year’s summit is ‘Peace. Living it’. It is very fitting that this year’s summit will commemorate the life of Nelson Mandela and his work as a global icon of peace. We can think of no greater honour than to be the hosts of this global summit which will honour Madiba’s memory and his legacy of peace. 

We are honoured as the City of Cape Town to have been selected to host this prestigious event. It is our goal that this city will become the events capital of our beautiful continent. The World Summit will help us to further this goal, adding to the global profile of Cape Town.

We expect to welcome1 500 delegates to our beautiful shores to attend the 14th Summit at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. There will be a meeting of the minds of the greatest world leaders of peace, right here in our midst. Among those in attendance will be Nobel Peace Prize Laureates who are human rights activists, civil society leaders and presidents. More details regarding the individuals and the organisations that will be in attendance can be found in your press packs. 

Last, but not least, we invite the rest of the country to take pride in being hosts to this event as well. It is our hope that our nation will once again be inspired through the work of this summit and that with renewed energy, we will continue on the path of peace that was walked before us.”

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