Securing safety in the gas market

The use of Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as energy source in SA continues to increase and as gas consumption increases, the need for compliance further increases. The consequences of non-compliance are often overlooked as a relatively small amount of such incidents are reported by the media.


Gas – Installers vs. Practitioners

The increasing availability of fuel gas in South Africa has impacted many households and commercial spaces as homeowners and business owners migrate to gas as an energy alternative. The increase in availability has impacted the increase in demand, however, this could have also initiated an increase in “chancers”. Installers seem to outnumber Practitioners.


Could South Africa and Mozambique be the world’s next oil and gas hub?

If South Africa and Mozambique partnered to become one of the world’s biggest players in the oil and gas sector, this could create millions of direct and indirect jobs for both countries. Cross-border collaboration is one of the best means of invigorating industrialisation in order to fuel job creation and thereby drive economic growth – so said Niall Kramer, CEO of the South African Oil and Gas Alliance (SAOGA), at the inaugural Mozvest conference, which brought together some of Africa’s brightest business minds to strengthen relationships between SA and Mozambique.


The renewable energy, new coal and gas-to-power IPP programmes in SA – Where is it going?

South Africa energy sector is at the cross roads in an uncertain and incoherent policy environment caused by the self-induced chaos of the Zuma administration, with three ministers of energy in 2017 alone, and further political change likely after the ANC’s elective conference in mid-December 2017. EE Publishers investigative editor Chris Yelland reports.

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