How to make automation safer

One of the most significant trends driving automation relates to machinery safety and how the integration of technologies is key to advances in this area. Russell Schwulst, Festo Business Manager, provides his viewpoint on how to make automation safer:


Revolutionary bionic innovations in Cape Town

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For the first time in South Africa, two revolutionary bionic innovations were on display in Cape Town; the Festo SmartBird and BionicOpter. These were sponsored by Festo Germany for the 19th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.


Festo inspired by nature

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Each year, Festo’s Bionic Learning Network provides new inspiration for automation technology at the Hanover Trade Fair – and this year is no different. The emerging fields include research in the areas of function integration, lightweight construction, self-configuration and machine learning. With the “BionicOpter”, the “WaveHandling” system and the “LearningGripper”, Festo shows how principles from nature can be applied in automation technology.

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