How to avoid entrepreneurial burnout

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JOHANNESBURG – Entrepreneurship can be immensely rewarding. But carrying the weight starting and running a business often requires a fair amount of mental resilience, because, in addition to overseeing all of the functions, there is a chance of an added sense of personal responsibility and legal liability to make decisions.


5 ways SMEs should be managing risks in 2018

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Running a small to mid-sized business in South Africa today is fraught with challenges. For many businesses, a major setback can not only put the business at risk, but can destroy your entire livelihood. While it’s impossible to prevent incidents, well-prepared businesses can manage their risks through a comprehensive business insurance portfolio that mitigates the damages and after-effects.


Tech opens new doors for tourism SMEs

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CAPE TOWN – Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of the travel and tourism industry and, in turn, is creating new opportunities for South African small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to take advantage of.

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