Africa to become innovative adopter and pioneer of technologies

Africa to become innovative adopter and pioneer of technologies

The impact of convergence, driven by connectivity, is the key component that focuses on the future of all industries and businesses across the globe. The Growth Innovation Leadership (GIL) 2015: Africa congress returns to Africa for its fifth consecutive year on Thursday, 20 August at the Table Bay, in Cape Town, South Africa. Over 200 C-suite executives will convene from across Africa to leverage game changing technologies and Mega Trends and explore unprecedented growth opportunities. Frost & Sullivan will present case studies of ‘Connectivity and Convergence’ shaping and changing the various industry sectors in which we do business at the GIL congress.

"Africa will become an innovative adopter and pioneer of technologies in coming decades, based on its unique operating environments. The lack of legacy systems and structures will allow companies to invent innovative applications for existing technologies,” states Frost & Sullivan Operations Director, Hendrik Malan. “This is not only applicable to the telecommunications environment, but also to other industries like energy, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and more. At Frost & Sullivan, we are seeing a number of global players moving decision-making authority and research and development (R&D) budget to Africa to take advantage of these opportunities. Convergence is a very real force to be reckoned with on the continent.”

"Convergence introduces increased levels of operational and strategic complexities. It is therefore absolutely essential for executives to educate on not only the latest trends, but also how other companies are dealing with these challenges and opportunities,” notes Malan. “The GIL congress is a perfect platform to address both these elements and enables executives to establish a platform for dealing with the uncertainties that increased levels of convergence will bring to all of our working and personal lives."

Highlights of the congress will include: Connected industry case studies – Healthcare, Automotive, Chemicals Materials & Food, Energy & Environment and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT;) Core sectors of growth in Africa that are currently in focus for Japanese and Korean companies looking to invest in the continent – presented by Regional Director for APAC Robin Joffee; an interactive CEO Panel; the 2015 Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Award will be presented to Neftaly Malatjie, founder of Southern Africa Youth Project, for his exceptional contribution and commitment to the community work.

The one-day congress is part of Frost & Sullivan's exclusive Growth, Innovation and Leadership community that represents a global network of over 5,000 senior executives.  It will start at 9am with a welcome speech by Senior Partner & Director Dorman Followwill. The day’s proceedings will be followed by the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Awards Banquet that recognises best-in-class companies that are excelling within their industry.

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