Bizarre and Unique Holidays; January the 29th is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day


Bubble wrap - [] Bubble wrap - []

Date When Celebrated: 

Always the Last Monday in January.

Feeling a little stressed lately.? Then, this special day is made for you!

It's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

As anyone who has ever come in contact with it knows, bubble wrap is not just a protective wrapping for things. It is also a wonderful stress reliever! Just squeeze the bubbles in the Bubble wrap, and feel the stress disappear with each POP...POP...POP.

So, grab a piece of bubble wrap today, and go to town!

Origin of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day:

Allegedly, a radio station in Bloomington, Indiana received a shipment of microphones wrapped in bubble wrap. While unwrapping and setting up the microphones,  the sound of bubble wrap popping was inadvertently broadcast on the radio. And so, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day was born.




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