Chamber clarifies CCMA outcome with Ruben Richards

Chamber clarifies CCMA outcome with Ruben Richards

Following the article, Cape Chamber boss quits even after CCMA win, The Cape Chamber wishes to clarify the facts of the outcome between the Chamber and Ruben Richards:

"Richards did request to be re-instated - hence his application to the CCMA. However, in the face of the strong case against Richards during the CCMA proceedings, a settlement was reached. Richards withdrew his ‘charges’ at the CCMA .Richards requested that he be allowed to resign. This was agreed to  as a gesture of goodwill rather than stating he was let go as had originally transpired. Due to the fact that he was not a fit for the Chamber. As Ruben Richards was no longer in our employ this was agreed to as it had no bearing or relevance to the outcome of the matter," The Chamber reported.

"Further to the CCMA settlement agreement, the written warning given to Ruben Richards on 21 October 2014 was withdrawn at his request. No admissions were made by the fact that the warning given was withdrawn. It was agreed to as Ruben Richards was no longer in our employ. As it had no further bearing on his employment at the Chamber."

"The final agreement as per the CCMA settlement of the amount to be paid to Ruben Richards is identical to the amount that  the Chamber stipulated initially in its notification to him on 29th October 2014, in what he would be paid. No additional Settlement amounts are to be paid."

"At no point did the CCMA rule that Ruben Richards should be re-instated. Ruben Richards was not re-instated in the position as has been reported. We are pleased to report that the day-to-day business of the Chamber has not been affected by these proceeding."

"We currently have an acting CEO, Charles Scheltema, and we are in the process of recruiting a replacement CEO."

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