eTender will “improve the transparency to awarding of government tenders”

eTender will “improve the transparency to awarding of government tenders”

National Treasury has announced that the e-Tender Publication Portal, a single platform where tenders will be published, has been launched by the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO.) The e-Tender Publication Portal was launched to eliminate the duplication and fragmentation of notices for government tenders.

Following an announcement by the Minister of Finance, the OCPO on 1 April 2015 launched the e-Tender Publication portal and the Central Supplier Database (CSD), said National Treasury in a statement.

The e-Tender Publication portal is an initiative of the OCPO aimed at simplifying, standardising and automating the procurement process.

“The benefits of the portal include cost reduction and effort associated with traditional tender publications and an improvement in transparency and accountability with regards to the award of government tenders,” said the Treasury.

National and provincial departments will publish their tenders in accordance with the demand plans for acquisition of goods, services and infrastructure.

“The tenders for the 2015/16 period should start going through towards the end of April 2015 for procurement plans that have been approved,” said National Treasury.

Municipalities will start to publish their tenders on the portal on 1 July 2015 to coincide with the start of the financial year for municipalities.

The portal will carry tender notices, accompanied by official tender documents and relevant terms of reference or other description of functionality that may be applicable.

The portal will be managed by the OCPO which sets the policy on content, functionality and coordinates the administration with users at national, provincial and local government level. According to National Treasury, the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) will be responsible for technical support, maintenance and hosting of the portal.

The e-Tender portal is a first step towards implementing government’s eProcurement system as part of the Integrated Financial Management System and will directly contribute to reducing duplication, fragmentation and inefficiency in government tender publications.

The central supplier database (CSD) will be a consolidated list of all supplier information for national, provincial and local government.

There is currently no single consolidated comprehensive supplier database and consequently information related to the compliance requirements is duplicated during procurement processes, the processing of payments and audit procedures to name but a few.

“The CSD will therefore reduce duplication of effort and cost for both business and government while enabling electronic procurement processes,” said National Treasury

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