Karatara Hydroponics Project


Karatara Hydroponics Project Karatara Hydroponics Project

The Karatara Hydroponics Project is a Lafarge local development project scheduled to be launched in the Western Cape in 2018. The aim of the project is to promote intensive agriculture within Karatara, in the Knysna Local Municipality by producing high value, high quality fresh produce.

The project will uplift the community which at present is financially challenged as a result of the previous administration through employment and creation of a more viable economy in the local area. The funding from Lafarge is used as a cash injection for the start-up of the project which will include production of cocktail tomatoes in three tunnels (900m2), as well as cash crops (herbs) grown under open-field irrigation (5000m2).

The Trust established for the community will together with Direct Solutions (leasing the land) and the Knysna Municipality oversee the spending of the money that is generated from the rental of the property in accordance with the lease agreement to uplift the town of Karatara. This will promote community development as described in the Knysna Municipal Integrated Development Plan.

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