Minimise contact with the outside environment

Minimise contact with the outside environment

In the food or manu­facturing industry it is a requirement to mi­nimise contact with the outside environment for hygiene purposes and to avoid sudden temperature changes. Choosing a quality du­rable product for the working environment will help avoid unnec­essary waste and maxi­mise energy saving.

Maxiflex Door Sys­tems offers the Craw­ford range of sectional doors and docking so­lutions, which can en­able a safe and efficient process for loading and unloading. The Craw­ford DL6010S con­nects the building with the vehicle. The result is highest safety for the transfer of goods, avoiding injuries to the personal or damages to the equipment.

For cold storage facilities there is the Crawford DL 6020TI Teledock Isodock Lev­eller, which is placed behind an insulated sectional door. It is also hermetically sealed off from below, preventing cold or hot air access. Together with a Crawford Dock Shelter the result is an improved work­ing environment and goods protection.

Vehicles reverse into the Crawford Curtains Dock Shelter, which seals it off with flexible side and top curtains, giving weather protec­tion during the loading and unloading process.

Maxiflex Door Sys­tems offers products that can save consider­able energy with doors that have good seal and are well insulated. Pre­ventative maintenance ensures fewer break­downs and contrib­utes to a more stable interior climate, which benefit your goods and keeps energy losses to a minimum.

By sustaining the top performance of your doors and docking sys­tems, you make your business more sustain­able as well.

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