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Daily deals has announced the launch of the new dedicated B2B advertising platform that presents itself as the first of its kind in supporting SME’s and entrepreneurial upliftment in South Africa.


Geared towards all sized businesses, Daily Deals offers the following advantages:


  • Increased visibility to new business networks, nationally.
  • As a proactive tool for all SME’s to engage, interact, sell and buy on.
  • Improve sales and cash flow
  • Improved ability to reach the target market – this is because on registration, all businesses effectively become advertisers as well as buyers via the keyword section. When selecting keywords a business will be notified via e-mail when an ad is placed that matches their keywords.
  • Advertisers place ads at easily affordable rates, and can tailor their spenditure accordingly.
  • Buyers are able to buy items/services they regularly use at discounted prices.


The site is free to advertise on until March 1st 2017 - Visit the website on:

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