“No work; no pay!” says SAPO

“No work; no pay!” says SAPO

As the South African Post Office strike drags into its eleventh week, employees will be waiting with bated breath to see if their salaries appear in their bank accounts on time this month. The parastatal and its controlling government department, the department of telecommunications and postal services, went cap in hand to parliament last week to ask for a bailout, stating that unless it went back to work soon, it would not be in a position to pay salaries this month. Last month employees were paid a day late after what was described as an “anomaly.”

In an internal memo, the South African Post Office (SAPO) has warned employees that it will be instituting a “No work; no pay” policy to any employees that:

  • Stage a sit-in at the workplace
  • Embark on an unprotected strike
  • In the event of an incidence of intimidation leading to unauthorised stay-away

It will however still pay employees if there is an incidence of intimidation leading to an authorised stay-away.

This policy will only be affected for permanent employees in the 25 November salary run, and 30 October for non-permanent employees. It goes on to say that the October salaries will be paid as usual.

SAPO has also issued a plea to employees to return to work, even though the Sunday Times reported that there are currently no negotiations in progress. 

By Jenni McCann

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