Voltex turns Lakehaven Children’s Home into a “home where the heart is”

Voltex turns Lakehaven Children’s Home into a “home where the heart is”

Voltex Durban actively participates in social development projects within their local community and is particularly involved in events that make a positive impact and uplift the lives of children. It is therefore unsurprising that, what initially began as a fun-filled outing for the children of Lakehaven Children’s Home, turned into a fully-fledged renovation project.

In August 2015 representatives of Voltex Durban visited Lakehaven Children’s Home to make arrangements for a day-outing but following a tour of the home and facilities it was abundantly clear to Ivan Govender of Voltex Durban that whilst the outing would be a delightful experience for these kids – it would not address the desperately poor conditions of the boys’ cottage which they called ‘home’. “Our hearts were torn by what we saw as a number of areas in the building presented real safety issues to these boys such as open electrical switches, peeling paint, unsecured windows and so forth”. 

Without hesitation, the Voltex Durban team immediately sprang into action to co-ordinate a complete renovation of the cottage. Together with generous donations, sponsorships and assistance from their various suppliers, partners, customers and local businesses (listed below) the Voltex team was able to put together the renovation plan and begin the project on the 24th of October.  

Contributing sponsors / donors / participants on this project: Tile  Africa; JBN Power; JMC Lighting; Durban Domestic; KZN Switchboard; Dees Electrical; KGH Electrical; Harms Refrigeration; Mikes Electrical; PK Electrical; Billson Electrical; Cryril Nair; Powergen Electrical; Dafco Paints; Silveray;

The total renovation took five weeks to complete and included everything from a new kitchen to new electrical boards, switches, painting, cupboards, storage, railings, security and flooring to aesthetics such as adding curtains, bedding, pathways and a highly essential vegetable patch.  The newly renovated cottage, which is home for boys between the ages of 6 to 12, was handed over to Shehnaaz Gabruof the Lakehaven Children’s Homeon the 27th of November.

Ivan Govender commented that “ The project was not only fulfilling for us but it certainly reminded us about the importance of being grateful for our own blessings and that we should always be willing to help others”.

The project ended with the much anticipated fun-filled day for the children who enjoyed a boat cruise, other outdoor activities and a fabulous Voltex Durban braai. 

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