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Correct selection of high impact doors enhances productivity

The Apex SR 9000 insulated impact traffic door combines functionality with longevity. The Apex SR 9000 insulated impact traffic door combines functionality with longevity.

Selecting the most appropriate door or closure for an opening is not as simple as it would initially appear. Wim Dessing, MD of Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, cautions that there are several factors that should be considered before making any decisions.

“To the chagrin of customers, they find that the least expensive product may become the most expensive, if applied incorrectly. It is therefore necessary for suppliers to develop a full understanding of the customer’s requirements and then to select products that tick all the correct boxes,” he says.

The first element to be considered is the purpose that the door or closure will serve within its environment. “The type of business will dictate the type of doorway, as well as the position of the opening that needs to be served. Obviously, there are different parameters to consider when the installation is in full view of customers as opposed to one where it is positioned at the back end of the site,” Dessing points out. Another element to consider is the type of traffic that will pass through the opening. In some instances, only pedestrians will use the opening whereas in other instances motorised traffic such as pallets jacks, trolleys or forklifts may be added to the equation. In addition, one needs to determine whether the traffic is moving in a one or two way direction.

“In order to ensure optimal and unhindered traffic flow, the layout at the opening should be investigated. Questions to ask include whether the entrance point orientation is straight and readily accessible, or whether traffic needs to negotiate sharp or narrow turns. The frequency of use is also important as well as the number of hours the opening will be accessed during any given day as this information will directly affect the choice of door or opening,” Dessing continues.

The practicalities of environmental influence need to be factored in to ensure that customer goals are met. “We look at whether the opening is situated between an air-conditioned or heated facility and the exterior. Other aspects to consider include the humidity or moisture content of the ambient environment. Some work environments are prone to dust and other airborne pollutants so one needs to determine in advance how the doors or closures will be cleaned, in order to provide a solution that lends itself to hygiene while concurrently not becoming a high maintenance issue,” says Dessing. Finally, the aesthetics of the doors or closures will influence the choice of product. “Will the doors or closures, for example, be subjected to accidental bumping and possible damage? If yes, then a door or closure constructed from durable material needs to be chosen. In addition, are there other aesthetic considerations such as whether the product needs to match existing décor, or alternatively whether it should be an obvious feature that does not blend into the background?” he stresses. Apex Strip Curtains & Doors has developed a range of products suited to all applications. Each product range can be customised to suit specific opening requirements based on a number of predetermined factors including productivity, environmental control and employee comfort.

Apex SR 9000 insulated impact traffic door

The Apex SR 9000 insulated impact traffic door, in a choice of six colours, combines functionality with longevity in areas where the movement of pedestrians and goods is particularly high. The door is manufactured from a 3mm ABS skin which retains its physical properties down to temperatures of minus 40°C, making it ideal for use in walk-in cold rooms. The low maintenance skin is impervious to moisture, acids, petroleum products, animal fats, rodent, insects and salt solutions. The door’s insulation characteristics are further enhanced by the internal design elements. These include the injection of a high-density, non-CFC urethane foam into the hollow shell of the door. Standard vision panels, constructed from 3mm clear polycarbonate sheeting, are available in a number of custom sizes and are scratch-resistance and UBC compatible for enhanced visibility.

Apex SCP traffic doors

The Apex SCP Traffic Doors provide easy access, without the wear problems typically associated with busy environments. The wooden core of the door panels is 18mm thick and is covered with a full height high-pressure laminate that is adhered to both sides. The laminate is available in a number of attractive colours to complement any interior. The 0.9mm stainless steel edging is welded and polished on corner joints. Together with flush, scratch-resistant acrylic vision panels and 0.50m or 1m high stainless steel impact plates, these features create a classic finish. The hidden hinge has been designed and engineered to provide smooth operation over many years of service. The mounting system used on the Apex SCP Traffic Doors is designed to strengthen the door jamb and is offered in a range of attractive materials and décor options.

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