Cape Business News Online - New and improved

Cape Business News Online - New and improved

Earlier this year, CBN conducted a survey for our readers, in order to receive customer feedback and improve our website.

We have taken your valued feedback and turned it into… a brand new website!

Some responses from our survey included the request to make our website more user-friendly, more video content as well as for the website to be finance-fuelled. We have checked all those boxes, and we are working on producing a finance corner for

Interestingly, one of the survey questions to our readers was: What social media applications do you use professionally? The responses were surprising, and worth sharing:

  • Facebook – 47%
  • Twitter – 44%
  • LinkedIn – 83%
  • Google+ - 52%
  • YouTube – 27%
  • Blogs – 11%
  • RSS feeds – 11%

With an exchange rate and weather feature, as well as new usability functions, we trust you will enjoy the new look Let us know what you think, we truly value your feedback.

Thanks, CBN team.

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