Is your website committing this cardinal sin?

Is your website committing this cardinal sin?

IMAGINE you’re at a big industry function. You’ve just arrived, all dressed up and feeling great. It’s promises to be an excellent evening. And so with your favourite drink in hand you begin mingle.

And then it happens!

You end up next to the guy. You know that GUY (sorry gents but it’s normally a man,) the one who cannot stop talking about himself. How great he and his company are. Nightmare! 

Have you been in this situation before? If not you’re one of the lucky ones. If you have, then you know that every fibre of your being tells you to leave, leave quickly and to do it NOW.

OK, so what does this have to do with your website and “cardinal sin”?

The truth is thousands of companies are making this critical error online. Selling themselves and not how they help their customers. Acting like the rude obnoxious guy. Look at me. Look what we do. Buy my stuff. And it’s exactly what will cause your prospects to click away quicker than you can imagine. There’s a saying online “six seconds to death.” (tick, tock)

What successful websites have in common is that they grab the attention of their target audience. They make an irresistible offer, one that compels their audience to take an action. To pick up the phone, contact them today. Pop in to the store or ask for the sale, pick up a sample, or get your free report. To not delay and do it right now!

They don’t talk about what they do, but what the client gets because of what they do. They ‘talk’ to them by demonstrating this in it’s various forms. By showing and not telling.

Are you committing this cardinal sin online? Do you think you’re losing clients and customers because your online marketing message is focused on you. Business is tough out there. The truth is your audience don’t care about you. They want to know what’s in it for them.  

Of course this ‘problem’ can be fixed. It just takes focus. Phil Squires of says, “I help my clients to identify their market true needs and desires. Guiding them to achieve their end result step-by-step with the least amount of pain. Just like your product or service it’s about making your audiences lives easier. Helping them make them money or save them money.”

Squires has worked with all sorts of businesses to achieve their outcome. From professional authors and speakers to large communities and industry specialists. Discover how to get your online audience to take an action. One that leads to your product or service, thereby making your website and online marketing efforts really work for you. For a no-strings 25 minute consultation to review your goals. And to see if what he has for you is a good fit simply schedule your appointment over at


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