South African broadband costs over ten times that of UK

South African broadband costs over ten times that of UK

The average monthly cost of broadband in South Africa is more than 10 times that of the United Kingdom (UK.) However, the UK enjoys broadband speed that is five times higher than that of South Africa. This is according to the latest South Africa Survey published by the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR.)

The Survey is the annual yearbook on all social, economic, and political aspects of South Africa. The IRR has been publishing it since 1946.

The average monthly costs of broadband in South Africa and the UK are US$28 and US$3 respectively. Despite the costs, the UK has broadband speed of 24 megabits per second compared to South Africa’s 4.8.

“The cost-to-speed ratio of the two countries might explain why the UK has more than twice the number of internet users per 100 people as South Africa,” said IRR communications analyst, Kerwin Lebone.

According to Mr. Lebone, most countries in the world have a favourable low-cost/high-speed internet ratio. South Africa is among the few developing countries with a high-cost/low-speed internet ratio.

Lebone said lowering the cost of broadband in South Africa would lead to greater access to the Internet by households and individuals, which, in turn, would be particularly helpful to job seekers.

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