Cape Chamber announces new CEO

Dr Ruben Richards. Dr Ruben Richards.

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has recently been reconstituted as a Non Profit Company, has appointed Dr. Ruben Richards as its first CEO.

Dr. Richards, a former Deputy Director-General of the Scorpions, has qualifications in engineering, sociology and Theology. He served an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner and went on to become CEO of Globe Engineering. He has extensive experience in top-level management and the academic world. He has also served as a consultant for the United Nations.

Chamber President, Ms. Janine Myburgh, said the Chamber was extremely fortunate to have a man of Dr. Richard’s talent, energy and experience as its new leader.

“Not only does Dr. Richards bring an extensive new network into the fold, but his background and diverse experience in the business, academic, government and civil society spheres gives him a unique perspective on the challenges of our people. It also allows him a holistic view of possible solutions, which is precisely what is needed right now,” says Ms. Myburgh.

Dr. Richards says he is excited by the challenge awaiting him at the Chamber and says that despite his continued support of various NGOs, including the Ruben Richards Foundation, business is where his focus will now lie.

“I’ve chosen sides. The side that I have chosen is the side that creates wealth in the economy and which will lead to meaningful social change,” says Dr. Richards.

“I see an opportunity to make use of the Cape Chamber’s deep roots within business to invigorate the economy in the region. Increased economic activity is key. We need to stand together to find ways of generating wealth for the wellbeing of the country and its people.”

The board and council of the Cape Chamber of Commerce believes Dr. Richards will add significant impetus to the objectives of organised business in South Africa.

“The role of organised business has never been more important. If business wants to have a say in the future of this economy and country, we must stand together and be heard. The Cape Chamber of Commerce has represented business in this region for more than two hundred years and with a leader like Dr. Richards at the helm, we are best positioned to champion the cause of our members,” Ms. Mybugh said.

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