Making a difference through strategy

Making a difference through strategy

Developing the right, fit-for-purpose strategic model will take your enterprise on an extraordinary path to greatness.  Yet, pouring huge volumes of talent and energy into executing a business model

based on flawed strategic thinking can reap devastating consequences.  We often underestimate the impact of a well thought out strategic blueprint on the long-term viability and success of a business.  Once you hit the ‘right note’ and people find your differentiation niche attractive, they will step into your product offering and stay there.

“I admire the way in which Woolworths has nurtured and fine tuned its strategic model over the past two to three decades.  In particular, their identification of an exclusive food niche that speaks to a growing segment of the population who have a strong appetite for good quality, natural foods.  Their offering of organically grown foods, certified free range produce as well as food and beverage excellence has captured a vitally important space in the marketplace.  Ironically, food was never a feature of the Woolworths model during their early history.  A strategic shift made all the difference!” says Robert Kleinsmidth of Cape Town-based Strategic Options.

Crafting and executing the ‘right’ strategic blueprint is the anchor that will lead your organisation into a progressive growth cycle going forward.     

There is nothing more exciting than retreating for a couple of days into the countryside with your leadership team, at least once a year, for corporate introspection and creative focus on the strategic way forward.  Ensuring impartiality by bringing an independent, seasoned facilitator on board can play an important role in bringing out the best in each and every participant; stretching the imagination beyond borders and generating a free flow of ideas, while maintaining a clear focus on required outcomes.  An outsider looking in allows for greater objectivity and the framing of insightful thoughts and challenging questions, unfettered by the ongoing group dynamics within the organisation.  This inevitably leads to the emergence of breakthrough thinking, the “aha” moments that breathe new life, energy and vitality into the soul of the business. It is thrilling to see the “fire in the belly” of a highly inspired team when they walk out of one of these retreats with an original strategic masterpiece in their hands. 

However, no matter how dynamic or powerful or ground-breaking your strategic blueprint might be, it becomes meaningless without proper execution... turning vision into reality.  “‘Strategic Options’ and its affiliates are deeply passionate about strategy.  We strongly believe in a holistic approach to the development and implementation of an authentic strategic model that speaks to the realities of your true potential as an organisation... ensuring strategy happens through a user-friendly, agile and effective on-line performance management system,” says Kleinsmidth. At the end of the day, success in business is all about continuously lifting the bar, moving from good to great through the formation and execution of well thought out strategies.    

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