Western Cape top management demographics under the spotlight

Western Cape top management demographics under the spotlight

The Cape Argus reported yesterday on the province’s “Workforce profile of top management at provincial level [by] population group and gender.”

The statistics showed the vast majority of senior management positions in the province are held by white males, with foreign females barely registering on the scale at a mere 0.4%.

These statistics were commented on by Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant at the second Employment Equity and Transformation Indaba in Sandton.

“It may be expressed in clever words like lack of experience and other such terms, but in the end, those at the coal-face feel the racism and they thought the country got rid of.”

Earlier this year the labour Department published employment equity regulations for public comment. This conversation has turned into a political bun fight over whether businesses should be held to regional or national demographics, and calls for a sunset clause on employment equity.

Oliphant however is having none of it, and said, “We wish to put to those calling for a sunset (clause) that there is still a lot of work to be done.”

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille however has called this approach “race-based social engineering” that would entrench racial divisions rather than overcome the apartheid legacy.

However you feel about racial quotas in the workplace however, it seems it is here to stay, and the probability of tighter regulations is looking ever stronger. 

By Jenni McCann

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