How to increase your outdoor entertainment area to maximize revenue and profits

How to increase your outdoor entertainment area to maximize revenue and profits

Thanks to South Africa's mostly mild weather, restaurants and entertainment venues that operate an outside entertainment area generally see not only increased patronage but also increased seasonal profits. However, out of season these outdoor entertainment areas are often unusable due to inclement weather such as wind, rain and extreme temperatures.

While many restaurateurs and venue owners may be tempted to build expensive fixed roof structures over their outside entertainment areas, they are hesitant to lose out on the open air atmosphere that attracts clients during summer.

Season proof your outside venue areas and increase seating capacity

Tentickle Stretch Tent's range of semi-permanent coverings offer the perfect hybrid solution. These coverings can be pitched to protect your patrons from the wind and rain in winter or provide shade on those hot South African summer days. These semi-permanent stretch tent coverings are all custom designed to match your venue's shape, size and atmosphere, and - depending on the size of your venue - can be pitched and taken down quickly. This way you can remove the coverings and take advantage of a sunny week that suddenly appears in the middle of winter or quickly pitch it at the height of summer to protect your patrons from a harsh summer heat wave.

These stretch coverings are not just about protecting your patrons however, they are also about increasing the usability of your outside floor space so that you can offer more seating space to your patrons and therefore increase revenue and profit.

Tentickle has a full range of standard covering shapes and sizes, but thanks to our crack design team we can custom design unique stretch tents to match your venue's exact needs. We also specialize in creating branded stretch coverings and unique stretch decor that are eye catching and create a WOW factor for your venue!

Our unique fabrics were developed through years of research and in collaboration with multiple universities to ensure that we can offer you the best quality stretch fabric that is both waterproof and fire retardant to protect your guests. 

Light up the night

A good outdoor cover is about more than just functionality - it has to look good as well. Not only are Tentickle's stretch tent coverings beautiful and elegant, but because of their design they can be lit with a wide range of lighting options such as data projectors, fairy lights and intelligent lighting systems. By using a range of lighting options you can transform the look and feel of your outside seating area with the flick of a switch.

Find out more about how a stretch cover will increase your venue's use

To find out more about how you can increase your outdoor venue's revenue, contact us or visit our stretch tent sales page and our expert team will help you to maximize the usability and profit of your outdoor venue and entertainment areas. 

By: Kevin Myer at WSI Internet Marketing

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