Western Cape hotels rates cheaper since drought

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The average price of a hotel room in Cape Town is R65.19 cheaper per evening than it was a year ago – this brings the average cost of a hotel room to R1 436.30 per evening. According to the Hotel Performance Index, released in September 2018 by provincial investment agency Wesgro, the price of a night in a four-star hotel room dropped by 5.2%.


Selected malls to cap parking fees

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The price of living seems to be on the rise in South Africa, so locals will welcome the news that some malls in the Western Cape plan to introduce free parking and lowered parking prices in 2019. Around this time next year, every shopping centre owned by the Redefine Properties company will probably have capped parking fees in order to provide a stronger pull for customers. In some malls shoppers could pay as little as R5 for up to four hours of parking, while other centres may have free parking altogether.


Western Cape critical blood shortage

The public is encouraged to donate blood during the course of this week and today, due to The Western Cape Blood Transfusion Services blood bank being critically low with only enough blood to support the demand in the province for a single day.

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