Imperial to showcase pop-up clinic at international AIDS conference

Imperial to showcase pop-up clinic at international AIDS conference

Imperial Health Sciences is showcasing a locally developed healthcare delivery solution to the attention of thousands of delegates at the 20th international AIDS conference taking place in Melbourne, Australia this week.

Clinic-in-a-Box is revolutionising the prevention and treatment of the virus across 35 countries in Africa by bringing essential medical services to remote communities at the point of need.

Managing Director of Imperial Health Sciences, Dr Iain Barton said pop-up clinics are a lifesaver for people who would otherwise have to walk for hours or even days to receive medical attention. “Imperial’s out of the box solution to one of the world’s biggest health epidemics is changing the way the medical profession tackles this crisis in Africa,” Dr Barton said.

The pop-up clinics, which can be assembled in less than three days, are equipped with a range of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of AIDS and HIV as well as other over-the-counter medications such as aspirin and cold and flu tablets. “The clinics don’t just treat the sick; qualified nurses also carry out immunisations, HIV testing and provide advice and counselling on HIV prevention,”commented Dr Barton.

The Clinic-in-a-Box solution is easing the pressure on the under-resourced public healthcare systems of African nations. In South Africa alone, almost 90% of the country’s population relies on the stretched and unsustainable public system.

While patients of the franchise model of pop-up clinics pay a small consultation fee the solution saves on travel time and dramatically increases the likelihood they will seek treatment.  “We are boosting capacity for healthcare delivery in developing nations, where access to adequate treatment and medication remains one of the biggest challenges in the fight against HIV/AIDS,” Dr Barton said.

Imperial Health Sciences is one of a growing number of private health providers in Africa following a decline in international AIDS funding in the wake of the global financial crisis. “Private sector companies can play an important role in partnering with Governments and NGOs to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa,”said Dr Barton.

Imperial Health Sciences will be showcasing the Clinic-in-a-Box solution at the World AIDS Conference 2014 in Melbourne from 20-25 July. Speakers at this year’s event include former US President Bill Clinton and Activist Sir Bob Geldof. The next conference will be held in South Africa, in Durban, in 2016. 

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