SA pushes for reduced gas emissions in transport

SA pushes for reduced gas emissions in transport

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters has called for developed countries to provide technological and financial support to underdeveloped countries in an effort to reduce gas emissions in transportation.

The Minister formed part of the International Ministerial Panel which made policy statements at the High-Level Event: Zero Emissions from Vehicles. The event took place at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP) currently being held in Paris, France.

It is reported that between 22% and 26% of global Green House Gas emissions come from transport.

“The introduction of hydrogen fuelled, plug-in and battery powered vehicles will go a very long way in reducing carbon emissions.

“South Africa is part of the Clean Energy Ministerial and an active partner in the Hybrid Electric Energy Initiative,” the Department of Transport said.

The Minister expressed how, as part of South Africa's efforts in this global initiative to reduce emissions, the Department of Transport has been engaged in a vigorous process of research and development by investing in the aviation sector, thus enabling SA to unlock the necessary steps for the development of bio-fuels to support the aviation sector in South Africa.

The intentions of this noteworthy leap into the alternative fuels market for aviation was made with the underlying intention that SAA (South African Airways) will need to have bio-fuels being half of its fuel consumption by 2020, in order to significantly amplify our national input to reduce aviation CO2 emissions. This will be achieved whilst promoting the acceleration of fuel-efficient aircraft technologies and being a leader in the development and deployment of sustainable alternative fuels in the aviation sector.

Government has committed to a 2% blend target for biofuels inclusion in the national fuel supply. If South Africa increased its blending target to 10%, some 125 000 direct jobs could be created, many of which would be based in rural areas, where poverty is widespread.



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