We are not the only ones in the dark

We are not the only ones in the dark

It turns out that Eskom is not the only power utility that makes use of load shedding, though the company it keeps may not be encouraging. Other countries are currently experiencing strain on their power supply, or that have experienced load shedding during 2014.

1. Pakistan: The country experienced some of its worst load shedding ever during July 2014, according to media reports, with continued strain on the power supply.

2. Nepal: The Nepalese electricity authority instituted a load shedding schedule on 6 September 2014. According to reports, it faces up to 16 hours of load shedding per day during the dry season.

3. India: Power cuts remain common in some Indian states, according to reports, due to a shortage of electricity generation capacity in the country.

4. Zimbabwe: Load shedding by Zesa continues, with reports that some households went without power for up to 16 hours every day during October. According to the Zesa site, Zimbabwe has had a power shortage since 2007.

5. Ghana: Ghana’s power utility has issued a load shedding schedule which will see residential users go offline for 12 hours, and come on for 24 hours. Industries will go off for 48 hours and then be up for 6 days.

6. Botswana: Power Corporation issued a warning on 30 October 2014, pleading with residents to reduce their electricity consumption to prevent load shedding.

7. Bangladesh: The Dhaka Electricity Company published a load shedding schedule for Ramadan

8. Belgium: Planned and unplanned outages at 4 of its 7 nuclear reactors has energy experts warning of potential blackouts.


Source: My Broadband

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