Becker Travsmart single cable lifeline

Becker Travsmart single cable lifeline

BECKER Mining South Africa has extended its range of Tractel personal protection equipment to now include the new Travsmart lifeline system, which is designed for safe and reliable use by up to five workers at one time.

“Travsmart is a single cable lifeline, which facilitates automatic travel through intermediate and turn anchors, with no need for manual intervention. A user can pass right or left of the lifeline, without the having to unhook the system when changing sides. This is a key feature for enhanced safety during installations, cleaning or maintenance,” says Charlotte Megannon, product manager for Becker Mining South Africa. “The flexibility of this system means it can be easily installed in all configurations, with inclinations of up to 15°. Travsmart can be mounted on traditional and low strength structures, including under ceilings, on walls, under an inclined surface, on the ground or 
on a post.

“This lifeline cable system, which is quick to set up without the need for heavy assembly tools, eliminates the risks of an incorrectly crimped cable end. Intermediate supports can be easily changed if necessary and in the event of a fall, components are replaced, without having to disassemble the entire the lifeline.”

Travsmart consists of a slider - which is an opening-type anchor point that slides on the lifeline cable and can be positioned and removed anywhere along the lifeline. For user convenience, this device can be opened with one hand only. This positive-locking safety slider prevents an unintentional release from the lifeline. Self-blocking end-pieces ensure the lifeline cable is always under tension (100kg.)

Other components include galvanised or stainless steel cable (5 strands x 19 wires, or 7 strands x 19 wires) with a cable thimble, INRS shock absorbers, as well as intermediate and angle supports.

Becker Mining South Africa’s range of Tractel equipment, which includes lifting and pulling equipment, as well as personal protection systems, meets stringent international safety and quality specifications. The company offers a test, repair and maintenance service to ensure all equipment operates in perfect condition.

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