New range of surveillance cameras


New range of surveillance cameras

Graphic Image Technologies (GIT) has announced the local availability of FLIR's latest full high definition (HD) cameras, the Ariel II range. A solid technology update, this range of Internet protocol (IP) surveillance cameras now deliver full HD 1080p resolution with evidentiary-class capabilities.

The new FLIR Ariel II CB-3102 series consists of full HD bullet-style cameras, offering the highest quality resolution and low bandwidth usage with predictable storage capacity, while the FLIR Ariel II CM-3102 series offers the benefits of full HD resolution and low bandwidth consumption in a mini-dome form factor.

"The Ariel CB-3102 camera series delivers full HD 1080p video that guarantees frame rates, even in high motion and in environments that are challenging in their complexity and because of low light conditions,” says Mark Chertkow, Executive, GIT.

“Through its motion processing architecture, the Ariel cameras offer predictable storage, with storage on edge that is expandable up to 64GB on microSDXC. This lowers overall utility costs and total cost of ownership."

The Ariel II series consists of bullet-shaped and mini-dome cameras that can easily handle differing motion and lighting situations that would usually make surveillance in airports, cities, commercial office parks and campuses challenging.

"The Ariel II IP cameras make light work of challenging surveillance conditions. This is thanks to enhanced low-light sensitivity abilities, advanced digital wide dynamic range and a wider colour reproduction range. All made possible by technological advancements in the image sensor design.”

Chertkow adds that the cameras now use backside illumination (BSI) sensors, instead of illuminating from the front and the difference is visible in a picture that's brighter, clearer and more accurate in terms of colour, both during the day and at night.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor application given their advanced imaging capabilities, the cameras are able to maintain lowest bit rate streaming, regardless of motion or scene complexity. This offers the additional benefit of predictable storage and network capacity requirements.

Furthermore, the cameras are capable of multi-stream simultaneous encoding with adaptive streaming with latitude and both series come standard with tamper detection and multi-zone video motion detection analytics.

"It is this safety functionality, as well as its versatility for imaging that makes these cameras suitable for surveillance in public and private applications alike," concludes Chertkow.

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