New straight shooter for Astrosec

Adriaan Bosch. Adriaan Bosch.

Adriaan Bosch is one of the younger faces of the security industry in the Western Cape. We invited him to discuss his move from being a security end user into the security service sector. 

Having been a Specialist in the British Army with two combat tours behind his name, he is certainly no stranger to  functioning under pressure. Having been everything from a body guard, to the chairman of the Stellenbosch Community Policing Forum, and the Security Manager for one of South Africa’s safest Golf Estate, he certainly has a diverse knowledge of the security sector in South Africa.

Grey hair and sleepless night are no stranger to most Security and Facility manager. High unemployment and societies moral decay means that crime is here to stay. Add to that the high levels of corruption in government and you have the makings of a perfect storm. We have found that in many instances investing in security does not have the desired effect to diminishing crime.    In our experience the problem is twofold.

1. Resourses are being wasted on solutions that are not based on the actual Security Risks and Area Specific Crime Intelligence. Security advice is acquired from installers, sales consultants,  and other “experts” whose knowledge is usually limited and subjective to their specific field of expertise.

2. The alarming lack of security knowledge within the guarding sector. In most cases guarding contracts are not properly enforced by service level agreements and the macroeconomic environment blamed for the lack of service.

The rapid growth in the communications and technology sectors means that budget constraints no longer have to be a stumbling block to having effective layers to mitigate crime. Our high tech monitoring facility, auditing systems and creative thinking, in many ways usher in a new and intelligent way of dealing with crime and emergencies.

Our aim is to create, manage and maintain a holistic security strategy that will effectively detect, deter and deal with crime and emergencies. We provide professional and objective advice in all disciplines of security, from strategy to implementation and beyond. We know that an effective security strategy will have a good balance of appropriate technology, well trained and motivated people, and site specific policies and procedures. These then need to be backed up by auditable reports, systems testing and intelligence.

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