Banks are continually exploring automation in their client relationships. But sometimes a human is all that is needed

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Relationships with a bank’s call centre can sometimes be one of annoyance rather than appreciation for its intended convenience. Often, a human voice would be preferable to an automated system offering numerous options, followed by pre-recorded messages, none of which are suitable for the original query. And then you get cut off. Conversely, sometimes information can be sourced far more efficiently via the click of a button rather than a cumbersome conversation with a person.


New load sensing valve

Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse (HAW) recently introduced the Salami VDP08 load sensing valve to the hydraulic industry. The valve is ideal for a wide range of applications, mainly in the mobile field, where independent flow control of actuators is needed without being affected by load variations, and offers good metering characteristics that provide increased energy saving.


Over 40 years in business and still putting the customer first

Nashua Limited has been a major player in the South African office automation market for over 40 years. By constantly improving and innovating their service offering, and through a calculated shift to a full-service business solutions provider, the pioneering organisation has become a trusted name in Southern African business.


HAW adds compact cast iron gear pumps to its range

Hydraulic and Automation Warehouse (HAW) – part of the Hytec Group – one of the largest distributors of hydraulic components in southern Africa and specialist supplier of products for mobile machinery, has added newly-developed cast iron gear pumps with extended longevity and numerous advantages to its existing range of Salami gear pumps and other hydraulic components.


Fabrinox supports local agricultural innovation

Agriculture is one of the oldest human undertakings and has come a long way since stone tools and ox-powered machinery. Automation is the name of the game on the modern farm – and is on the increase – allowing farmers and agri-processors to standardise operations and utilise costly manpower in the most efficient ways. The ROI on this is best seen in the toughest years, when drought and even fires necessitate maximum efficiency in every step of the agricultural process.   

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