When you are not looking…

When you are not looking…

On average 5,900 crimes are reported to the South African Police Service every day. Crime has become a very real and personal problem for us all. Receiving videos on social media platforms of crimes being committed has become a regular occurrence.

Some are intended to show the audacity of criminals and others asking for help identifying a person who committed a crime. In the majority of cases this will be the only value a business gets back from a high capital investment. For the majority of us, the fundamental question around crime is: How do we prevent it from happening to us? Effectively, how do we deter a criminal? Deterrence theory studies show that an increase in the certainty of apprehension, conviction and punishment are the most effective at preventing Crime.

According to Adriaan Bosch, MD of Astrosec, Security camera systems are a great tool in the fight against crime and can greatly assist us in the apprehension and conviction of criminals, but only if:

  • You have the right camera for the right application,
  • And, the cameras are proactively used in the Prevention and Controlling of a situation rather than just responding to it after the incident has happened.

They therefor need to be managed 24/7, otherwise the camera footages is reduced to a YouTube video of how you became another victim. Simultaneously it is important to understand your security risks. You need to develop a strategy incorporating activities and practices aimed at anticipating, avoiding, and removing possible causes to preclude an incident from happening.

“Technology empowers us to go beyond the limitation of our human characteristics and capabilities. Modern event based alarmmonitoring platforms make it possible to consolidate all monitoring activities from any source; including video surveillance, access control intrusion and GPS alarms. It’s designed to compliment the investment you have already made in your existing security infrastructure by centralising your security monitoring,” says Bosch “Remote monitoring systems improve effectiveness while driving down costs and reducing the number of guards required on site. Crime is an ancient problem that is here to stay. It’s time that we take a fresh look at how we can get ahead in the game.”

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