Space programme promoting women in STEM

June 2015 saw MEDO, The Meta Economic Development Organisation, launching an ambitious Space Programme with the aim of encouraging young women to enter STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related fields. Working with sponsors, ISUZU Trucks South Africa, MEDO also bought the first privately owned satellite in Africa with the goal of having female high school learners designing its payload. The programme was launched in partnership with Morehead State University in Kentucky, USA, a highly recognised research and development centre in nano-satellite technologies. Morehead State University runs a similar project, SpaceTrek, which has seen positive results in encouraging young women to enter what is still perceived by many as male orientated fields or careers. Outside of the US, South Africa is the first and only country worldwide that has received the go ahead from the Morehead Space Science Centre to run the programme against competing countries in South America and Europe.


Building your manufacturing talent – can you afford to be complacent?

Developing talent and the discussion around the scarcity of skills is somewhat a boring topic these days.  Every day organisations are confronted with the experience of talent shortages and the challenges thereof.  What is however becoming a desperate plight, is the speed at how quickly organisations respond to this people challenge.  In the past, doing somewhat what we have always done, has been acceptable, but this is no longer the case.  Creativity, innovation and the ability to deal with the complexity of business and key talent today, has become a scarce skill all in it’s own right.

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