Simplify visa applications

Simplify visa applications

Getting a visa to Angola can be challenging for many individuals and businesses. When it comes to applying for a visa to Angola for whatever reason, LELLO International claims it can save you time in getting your visa and arranging invitation letters.

Lello can help with the following visa categories:

Short-term Visa

This visa is issued to persons who, for urgent reasons need to enter national territory due an urgent meeting, short holidays, signing of partnership agreement, casualties, technicians wanting to give a quote in person in all sectors or any other immediate purpose.

Ordinary Visa

This visa is granted for reasons of family affairs, holidays, business contacts, meetings, conferences and charity or religious events for 30 days.

Working Visa

The Work visa is granted to foreign citizens who obtain a contract of temporary employment in the interest of the State or on behalf of an Angolan Chartered Company, etc. According to LELLO International, it provides efficient assistance services for visa applications to prospective companies and individuals wanting to go to Angola, whether for business or for pleasure.

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