First Novalis radiosurgery program in Africa

For the first time in Africa, cancer patients can be treated with Novalis® Radiosurgery. The Department for Radiation Therapy and Radio-Oncology at the Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital will begin treating patients with Novalis® Radiosurgery Program in November. The new system is part of an interdisciplinary radiation therapy cooperative across medical teams in the fields of neurosurgery, ENT and oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMF).

The combined technology - positioning system, treatment planning software, and linear accelerator - offers high precision and expands the range of treatment possibilities when compared to conventional options and methods.

"With the Novalis Radiosurgery Program, we lay the technological basis for a wider spectrum of indications in radiation therapy. In the future, we will be able to more accurately treat vascular anomalies and tumours in sensitive areas," states Dr Jacqueline Hall, Oncologist at Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital. "The system also helps forge interdisciplinary cooperation with colleagues from other specialised fields.

Discussing and planning complex cases as a team

The Novalis Radiosurgery Program is most widely used for interdisciplinary cooperation between Radiation Therapy oncologists and physicians from the fields of neurosurgery, ENT and OMF surgery agree on the best possible course of treatment in complex cases,  Multidisciplinary access to image data and the planning and treatment software streamline the process, information sharing and collaboration.

"This new system maps out all procedural steps and allows us to perform the complete workflow for tumour removal on a single platform: from the pre-operative imaging, treatment planning and the intraoperative monitoring of the procedure up to outlining of boundaries in the image data for subsequent radiation treatment if needed" explains Dr Charles Kieck, Neurosurgeon.

Precision, flexibility and efficiency in radiation therapy

The new program offers the Department for Radiation Therapy and Radio-Oncology increased flexibility. Besides frameless1 radiotherapy to the head, the system also can be used for stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), therefore covering the full spectrum of radiation treatment.

Planning and treating with radiation takes significantly less time with the Novalis® Radiosurgery Program, reducing treatment time to as little as 15 to 20 minutes. The radiation treatment capacity of the clinic, which currently includes four systems, will be considerably increased.

The new system will benefit both the medical team and patients alike. "The fast and non-invasive1 treatment using the new technology has the potential to increase the quality of life for our patients and we gain more time which we can devote to individual patient care and our research contract," states Dr Jacqueline Hall.

Over 300 clinics across the world use the Novalis® Radiosurgery program and benefit from the experience of over one million treatments. 

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