Rivergate sells at a fantastic pace.

“The sale of plots in the Rivergate Industrial Park has been fantastic,” said Tony Clarke, marketing director of the Aska Property Group. He was emotive with his announcement that plots were now available and selling in the new Rivergate Business Park – and they are selling fast!

The Rivergate area offers commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential property to the Cape Town market, with a range of opportunities. The industrial park, a secure-type enclave within the Rivergate development, offers mixed-use plots ranging in size from 800m² to 3,000m² whilst elsewhere in the development plots range from 5,000 m² to sub-divisional superblocks of 80,000m².

Although a mix of land uses is permitted it is expected that the Rivergate Business Park will primarily be developed for light industrial, warehousing, manufacture and commercial use.

Just east of Parklands, Rivergate was officially opened to the market in late October last year, with the opening of the Sandown Road link (linking the R27 to the N7). Since then, all of the plots in Rivergate’s Phase 1 have been sold. Phase 2, which was introduced to cope with the demand and still awaits the City’s approval, has been well received with numerous sales recorded.

Dave Macleod-Elliott, Sales Director at Aska Property Group, explains more.

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