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eLABS is a small and flexible company focusing on local urban mobility solutions which will help alleviate traffic congestion by advancing inner city transportation while making the commute more enjoyable.

eLABS will focus on current innovation in both in the electric motor and the energy storage sector to help develop a inner city transport solution based on the topography of the local surroundings. One solution with a selection of options geared towards specific market segments will be developed. A triple helix business structure will be adopted where academia, local industry/government and commuters will be seen as stakeholders in the development, production and sales as each is seen as possible target market. A Hyper Local approach to the development and production of solutions will insure a wealth share initiative between eLABS and local business.

Three reasons to love The WATT: Current & emerging trends that make the WATT an irresistible commuter solution:

The negative effects of motor vehicle usage in Cape Town include, accidents, which have a severe social impact, congestion that creates a number of social, economic and financial implications as a result of wasted productivity, and pollution, which in 2004 motorized traffic, produced 52,3% of undesirable atmospheric pollutants in Cape Town.

This being said Cape Town has slowly started becoming an alternative transport Mecca. Local government has shown major commitments to the creation of an alternative transportation environment.  Initiatives like Smart travel and Active Mobility which creates avenues for exploration and future collaboration with the city of Cape Town.

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