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Bernie Van Niekerk, Editor of Smart Procurement Online; and Head of the Advisory Panel at Smart Procurement World 2014, gave CBN some insight into what the conference was all about.

“This conference was very important to us. It was great that it was in Cape Town because we received a lot of local feedback in terms of particular challenges, and – with a magazine perspective – this makes it a great contributor to”

“Something which came up at the conference was the reduction of red tape. This is something that the provincial government has been driving. It exceptionally important – especially when it comes to supply and development – to make it easy for people to do business. With regards to the conference, by the time a supplier got there, he had already gone through the red tape and the people that he/she met with have already gone through their red tape too. And as a result, they could easily integrate and do business together.”

The theme of the Smart Procurement World this year was ‘collaboration’. Enterprise development from that perspective is “the big thing”, according to Niekerk. “Through a national level, it can be seen that legislations have changed with regards to the BEE code, and the enterprise development component of those codes have become major requirements on businesses.”

“I think from that perspective, the thrust of the conference this year was on supply and enterprise development, and getting it going.”

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