Strengthening South African - Italian relationships

The South Africa - Italy Summit was organised by The European House-Ambrosetti, an Italian business consultancy with offices all over the world and Grown Consulting, their South African partner.
The summit aimed to become the annual gathering for the political, government and business leadership of Italy and South Africa. The goal of the summit was to strengthen relations and bilateral investments through in-depth discussion about the strategic opportunities between the two countries and their respective continents. The summit provided a unique opportunity for the top management of Italian and South African companies to take a leading role in the growing market of sub-Saharan Africa.

The European House-Ambrosetti organises - worldwide - more than 300 think tank platforms and summits per year and is currently focussing on South Africa. Looking at foreign direct investment, Italy's overall stock invested of Italian corporations in South Africa amounts to 650 millions euros which is only 0.7% of the entire foreign investment in South Africa.

Vice versa, South Africa is investing into Italy as a corporate worth about 95 billion Euro which is only 0.7 % of all. So huge potential for growth between the two countries.
Three major macroeconomic sector were discussed at the summit: manufacturing, energy and the agri-food chain.
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