How to create a successful video for your business

How to create a successful video for your business

With the increasing media platforms emerging, video is still considered one of the best “hooks” for marketing. However, there are some things you need to be aware of when you create such a video for your company, if you want it to be efficient and enticing for your users.

What shall we call it?

Over and above focusing on the quality of the video, the title needs to be catchy. It will be the first thing viewers see before clicking on your link, so make it enticing. Also, make sure the title links with the message your video is aiming to send out.

Keep it short

A video should be between 1 – 2 minutes long… 2:30 minutes is pushing it. Make sure the first 30 seconds of your video are the most informative, including your message. The remaining minutes will be to verify and elaborate on your message.

Interact with the audience

Everyone knows that your business video is about selling, well, your business. But try not to make it too obvious. Create an interactive video by making the viewers feel that they can relate to it. The video should have a friendly tone as well as a call to action.

Call to action

Call to actions are very important for any promotional materials, and since business videos are marketing tools, it's important to include them. Make sure that the person watching that there is more to learn about you and your products, and to do this you would include some form of contact detail, as well as a name of the contact person. It is also important to share a link to your site and maybe showcase a little of the information you have on your site through the video.

Include still shots in the video

Integrate still shots into your video as they are most remembered by the viewer. Make sure the image is relevant and applies to your target audience and/or your product or service you are marketing.

Add background music

Music is very important in a video. It dictates the mood and atmosphere of the entire production. Be careful when selecting background music – it needs to flow with the video, its images as well as the transition between shots. And lastly, make sure the background music is exactly that – in the background. The viewer must be able to clearly hear what is being said in the video with only a slight recognition of the music.

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 By: Kristy Jooste

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