Uwaiz Jassat appointed to head up Absa Islamic Banking

Uwaiz Jassat. Uwaiz Jassat.

 Absa Islamic Banking business has seen phenomenal growth across South Africa and the continent in recent years. The appointment of Uwaiz Jassat as the head of Islamic Banking will further set the Group on the road to becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank in Africa by providing Islamic Banking solutions that place the customer at the core.

Uwaiz has been in an acting role heading up Islamic Banking since October 2013. In this time Islamic Banking has enjoyed phenomenal growth with more than 120,000 customers across the continent. As customers across Africa seek banking solutions that adhere to their religious or ethical principles his guidance is critical to developing the Islamic Banking proposition for the Group.   

Uwaiz joined Absa in 2009 and held a number of roles in the financial services industry in prior years. Apart from his leadership of the Islamic Banking team he brings with him a wealth of additional skills having founded Takaful South Africa – an Islamic insurance offering. 

Commenting on his appointment Uwaiz said, “I look forward to this new opportunity and challenge in my professional and banking career. I believe that with the collaboration of our colleagues and customers that we will achieve mutually beneficial goals.”

Islamic Finance News has recognised Absa Islamic Banking as the leader in the continent and they are the key reference medium for those involved in the Islamic finance industry across the globe including Australia, Syria, the UK, Lebanon, Iran, Kenya and, of course, the Middle East. Their annual awards have been presented for several years. There were 160 nominees in 36 categories, illustrating the growing size and reach of the Islamic banking and finance industry.

In the individual country Best Islamic Bank categories, the award winners were all established Islamic financial institutions, with repeat winners from 2011 including Muslim Community Co-operative Australia, Qatar Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Syrian International Islamic Bank and Absa Islamic Banking.  Absa Islamic Banking has been recognised as a cut above the rest in the categories Best Islamic Finance Deal for South Africa and Best Islamic Bank in Africa since the launch of the awards in 2006. 

Absa Islamic Banking has been recognised in the categories Best Islamic Finance Deal for South Africa and Best Islamic Bank in Africa since the launch of the awards in 2006.  The awards won by Absa Islamic Banking since 2006 are: 

  • 2007 and 2008 - Best Islamic Finance Deal for South Africa
  • 2009, 2010, 2011 - Best Islamic Bank in Africa and 
  • 2012: Best Islamic Bank in South Africa.
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