Dahle shredder provides a breath of fresh air for office workers

Dahle shredder provides a  breath of fresh  air for office workers

THE fine dust produced by office equipment is a covert hazard. Although it is not visible and office workers cannot feel or taste it, it can pose a considerable threat to health.

Document shredders contribute to the level of fine dust in the office atmosphere. The Dahle shredder, with CleanTEC filtration technology, ensures a healthier, safer work environment.

“Each time you shred paper, tiny dust particles are produced and travels through the air. Office workers then inhale these particles. The smaller the particles, the more harmful they are to your health,” says Luigi Pistilli – Service Manager at Pitney Bowes South Africa.

Pitney Bowes firmly believes in finding creative and user-friendly alternatives to both the common and specialised challenges faced by its clients. The introduction of the Dahle Clean TEC shredder into the company’s portfolio of products is a classic example of their customer-centric business philosophy.

Dahle CleanTEC shredders are designed and manufactured with an integrated dust filter to substantially reduce fine dust particles. “Paper is fed into the Dahle CleanTEC shredder and the dust is collected above the shredder’s cutting cylinders. This dust is then forced through a specially developed three-ply filter,” Pistilli explained.

The fully recyclable filter comprises non-woven materials and is situated at the back of the machine. 

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