Scrapping Day Zero was mistake


Day zero - [Google Images] Day zero - [Google Images]

It was a “irresponsible” to announce that there would be no Day Zero this year in Cape Town, says African Christian Democratic Party caucus leader in the Cape Town city council, Grant Haskin.

Since the announcement by Democratic  Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane that the Day Zero – the day the water runs out in the city – would not occur, water consumpton has risen, says Haskin.

Haskin noted that Maimane announced on 7 March that Day Zero was unlikely to occur in 2018. Maimane said at the time that a 60 percent reduction in consumption led the governing party in the city of Cape Town to believe that Day Zero would not occur in 2018 – if water conservation is maintained and there is rainfall.

Dam levels were dropping far more slowly as a result of the drop in consumption by city residents and businesses, he reported. “While we celebrate, this is not a time to become complacent,” said Maimane.

Haskin said since the Day Zero cancellation for this year, consumption “is increasing”. Now 235 water collections points are planned – which is up from 200.

“This is what happens when an unelected and self-appointed spokesperson, Mr Maimane, takes over the role of elected city political officials. Contradictory statements abound, confusion reigns and consumption increases.”

Haskin said consumption had by last week increased to 565 million litres a day. This was up from around 510 million litres a day when Maimane made the announcement.





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