Choosing the right fireplace for your restaurant

Choosing the right fireplace for your restaurant

Face it: There's nothing better after a wet and windy day than sitting near a roaring fire with a glass of something warm and feeling the warmth seep back into your bones.

In winter restaurants with beautiful wood-burning fireplaces become favourite spots for patrons looking for good food and a warm place to relax. But choosing the right fireplace for a restaurant isn't as easy as people think! Before investing in a quality fireplace you need to think about the following aspects: heat, fuel, safety and visual appeal.

Enjoy the warmth from the hearth without losing valuable space for tables

A single fire in a Designer Fireplace can heat a 30m² to 200m² restaurant by using a unique ceramic refractory system that absorbs heat from the fire and radiates it for a 12 hour period. The heat is generated through a distributed system that creates long term warmth - making it perfect for restaurants where the fire is lit early in the evening and then continues to warm your guests all night.

This constant refractory warmth means that unlike traditional fireplaces that cause you to lose out on seating space because they are too hot to sit near, Designer Fireplaces allows guests to sit within a meter of it without feeling uncomfortable.

Our fireplaces retain heat for many hours after a conventional fireplace has cooled down already, thus making them a more cost effective heating solution than traditional fireplaces or electric heating systems.

Maintenance free and virtually ash-less

Old school fireplaces are inefficient devices that constantly need to be fed and burn only a fraction of the wood, leaving masses of ashes that need to be removed - increasing your staff's responsibilities. Designer Fireplaces' burn at a higher combustion temperature creating less ash. This process is that efficient only 1% of the wood's volume remains as ash. This means that your staff will only have to clean out your Designer Fireplace once or twice a year - now that is low maintenance.

Safe to the touch

Our Designer Fireplaces all have heat resistant glass doors that are designed to ensure that no smoke, soot or stray sparks can escape into your restaurant. Thanks to their ceramic heat retention systems and radiating heat, these fireplaces have virtually no risk of injury should a patron brush up or touch them.  

Our designer fireplaces match your decor

Not only are our Designer Fireplaces beautiful, but we custom design and build every fireplace that we install to ensure that they will match your restaurant's decor and design. Our special design software allows us use virtual fires to calculate exactly what size and shape fireplace is needed to heat your restaurant so that you get the most elegant and efficient fireplace. Once we have designed a fireplace with you, our expert technicians get to work to make your dream fireplace a reality.

Request a consultation from Designer Fireplaces and get the most efficient and beautiful heating solution for your restaurant.

By: Kevin Myer at WSI Internet Marketing 

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