Astrosec goes live

Astrosec goes live

Astrosec's state of the art, off-site CCTV monitoring control room status has changed from testing phase to live. This will provide the crime battered businesses and estates with an effective additional tool to combat crime.

The event-based monitoring enables business and estates to utilize their guarding compliment on site or armed response with greater effectiveness without a sweat, as Astrosec’s highly trained operators guide the response to the area that is triggered.

Armed with additional information that was not previously available with passive CCTV (only recording events,) the armed response or guards on site can react more effectively or call for reinforcements, without being exposed to a lethal threat. Reaction time to incidents can also be reduced greatly as Astrosec’s controllers will notify the armed response company contracted to the premises as well as the SAPS if the situation warrants it.

The entry level monitoring system is a basic CCTV panic system that allows the person that is threatened to alert the control room of the event. This automatically provides a audible visual of the incident, with voice communication back to the person in distress. The client’s reaction service and the SAPS are then notified immediately. This is especially suited to office receptions and premises where cash is handled.

Astrosec also envisage utilizing the control room to monitor critical procedures to be followed in manufacturing, retail and lifestyle estates. Off site CCTV event based monitoring has proven to be vital to reduce acts of crime.

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